Twas the night before Melbourne,

Updated: March 15, 2013

and all across the track,

drivers are deciding,

their plan of attack.

Vettel finished first in practice

Vettel finished first in practice

Anyway, enough of terrible poems because the 78th (?) Australian Grand Prix is finally upon us! After several weeks of build up including pre season tests and in the last few days the practice sessions we are finally but a day away from the race. Whilst the practice sessions don’t necessarily dictate how well the cars and drivers are performing it certainly seems like Red Bull Racing hasn’t lost anything over the winter break. A somewhat disappointing result for McLaren on the other hand does not bode well for the race with the team finishing the practice sessions in the same league as Force India and Sauber, a rather more midfield result than I imagine they’d like. Esteban Gutierrez was the quickest of the new boys coming in 15th fastest overall, out of 22 cars mind as HRT have disappeared from the team list.

Alright enough talking, time for some dodgy and probably unfounded predictions. I personally can’t see RBR doing anything except qualifying on pole (though Jenson Button is known for his Melbourne prowess) with the cars of Ferrari and Lotus bringing up the positions behind. It’ll also be good to see the 4 new guys out on the track though I’ll be most focused on Sergio Perez in his switch to McLaren.

All in all I’m hoping for a class race jam packed with excitement at every corner, or at the very last an overtake or two and maybe even a crash

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