TABLE: Gold Cup Prediction League

Updated: July 27, 2015

After three weeks of non-stop predictions on the Concacaf Gold Cup we now have a winner.

Congratulations to Dan Middleton who wins the Let’s Talk Sport Gold Cup Prediction League.

Dan Middleton

WINNER: Dan Middleton

Mr Middleton’s prize will be awarded to him within the next few days. So stay tuned for the presentation.

Take a look at how the Gold Cup Prediction League was won below...


Position Predictor Points
1st Dan Middleton 17
2nd Conor Porter 16
3rd Jamie Davies 14
4th Seb True 11

From the third round of the group stages, Dan has stayed on top and avoided being pushed off the perch.

Our Euro 2012 prediction winner Conor Porter came so close to adding another title to his belt. Mr Porter earned maximum points (three points) from the finale between Mexico and Jamaica but was not enough to spoil the party.

Let’s Talk Sport editor Jamie Davies was in contention throughout the tournament but the last couple of games cost him dearly to finish in fifth place.

And Seb True crosses the line last, six points behind Dan but did miss out on predicting all of the matches in the final round of the group stages.

Well done to Dan once again on his first silverware at Let’s Talk Sport, the upcoming Prediction League is the Premier League.

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