Seb’s World Cup Predictions Group Stages Round 1

Updated: June 11, 2014

The greatest competition on the planet is back after 4 long years of wait and it’s looking more exciting and better than ever. As a part of a Let’s Talk Sport, all the writers are putting in their predictions, so here are mine :

Group A

Brazil V Croatia : Probably the toughest game to start of with for Croatia, the pressure will be on them and with the competition just starting, the Brazil supporters will be screaming, helping the Brazil team and most importantly force a Brazil-favoured decision to Brazil.

Brzail 3-0 Croatia

Mexico V Cameroon

The group match of the day that will go under the radar, two teams who are capable of scoring but not really a superior team out of both of them, I think both will struggle to close down the match, I can see this match ending in a draw.

Mexico 2-2 Cameroon

Group B

Spain V Netherlands

I can see this being a frustrating day for Holland, not seeing the ball, which will annoy Van Persie and could hinder the whole team’s performance, Spain’s possession might pay off and get just about 1 goal.

Spain 1-0 Netherlands

Chile V Australia

Chile will be up for this, playing in South America, their attackers will come flying at Australia, I don’t think they’ll be able to cope early on but then I think they’ll settle into the game but not having any impact on it.

Chile 2-0 Australia

Group C

Colombia V Greece

I believe that this match will be a frustrating match for Colombia and frustrating match to watch, I can see Greece trying to play for a draw in the first match. They’ll find it more important to not lose the first match.

Colombia 0-0 Greece

Ivory Coast V Japan

There should be a lot of talent on show and with the space and time to show it off, Japanese defenders will find it very difficult to handle the Ivory Coast strikers, whereas Japan will most certainly try and make the most of set-pieces, which could cost La Cote D’Ivoire.

Ivory Coast 3-2 Japan

Group D

Uruguay V Costa Rica

Uruguay should and in my opinion win this match easily, Saurez and Cavani just about edge Bryan Ruiz. Uruguay could also afford to rest Saurez if necessary.

Uruguay 3-0 Costa Rica

England V Italy

Roy Hodgson will be content with the same result as the last competition ended in. Expect negative thinking from Roy but there is hope without Montelivo, Pirlo’s role therefor changes. I see this ending in a goalless draw.

England 0-0 Italy

Group E

Switzerland V Ecuador

Switzerland are the better team and could even try and do like in 2010 and be very preservative and sneak a one goal victory.

Switzerland 1-0 Ecuador

France V Honduras


France 3-0 Honduras

Group F

Argentina vs Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Bosnian players will most likely be running all over the place with Argentina’s quick wingers, full-back and forwards. Argentina will want to start the tournament better than Brazil to prove a point and I think they will stamp their mark on this World Cup straight away.

Argentina 4-0 Bosnia & Herzegovina

Iran vs Nigeria

Nigeria have more experience than Iranian players at this level, that’s why I think they’ll edge out a win against Iran.

Iran 0-1 Nigeria

Group G

Germany V Portugal

Ronaldo won’t see the ball as much as we would want and I think Germany will undo Portugal, restricting their chances and really applying pressure on the Portuguese defence and winning by a two goal margin.

Germany 3-1 Portugal

Ghana V USA

Both these teams have changed over the past four years in different ways, though that being the case I think the match will end like it did in the group stages back then.

Ghana 1-1 USA

Group H

Belgium V Algeria

I think Belgium will get far in the World Cup but I think they will struggle and stumble in the first match against an underrated Algerian team.

Belgium 1-1 Algeria

Russia V South Korea

Knowing how Russia do things, they’ll make things more difficult than they should be, they should win this match and I think they will but not easily.

Russia 2-1 South Korea

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