Raikkonen to Ferrari: The Right Decision?

Updated: September 16, 2013

Ferrari have completed their line-up for the 2014 season with Raikkonen rejoining the team partnering Fernando Alonso.

Over 7 days ago the announcement of Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo replacing Mark Webber at Red Bull in 2014 ended the long speculation but left unanswered questions to who Kimi Raikkonen was to drive for next season.

Rumours were starting to spill hinting that the 2007 world champion would be making a

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return to his previous team before leaving the sport for rally driving, Ferrari.

Raikkonen’s old Ferrari team mate Felipe Massa announced on his Twitter account that he would be leaving the team at the end of the 2013 season on Tuesday night, leaving an empty seat for someone to grab.

All hands were pointing at the iceman being the favourite to replace the Brazilian and were to do so, as an announcement from Ferrari was made the following day saying that the Fin will be rejoining next season to partner with Fernando Alonso.

Have Ferrari made the right decision bringing back Kimi? Let’s Talk Sport’s Jamie, Harry and Dom express their views on the latest transfer in Formula 1.


Jamie’s views


“If you preview the 2014 season right now and look at the teams so far, on paper the Ferrari line-up looks brilliant and very strong.

Ferrari have now got two world champions representing the team which are Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen they both share 3 world championships the same amount of world titles than Sebastian Vettel. But I think by the end of the current season we’ll be seeing Vettel claim his fourth world championship in a row.

I think it’s very clear Ferrari are planning to win the constructors’ championship next season as well as the world championship but the problem is which driver going to be the team’s main priority? Ferrari have said that both cars for Alonso and Raikkonen will both be the same so it will be a fair challenge for the two drivers. The problem is we’ve heard stuff like this before especially before the next season starts, halfway through next season whoever has the most points for Ferrari will be focused more than the other just like Vettel over Mark Webber at Red Bull.

Personally, I wouldn’t of picked Raikkonen for the Ferrari seat. I would have rather chosen someone younger and has the potential of finishing high in the leaderboard and that guy would have been Nico Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg may only have been in the sport for over three years but he has impressed a lot of people especially when driving for bottom half teams like Force India and Williams. Raikkonen will only be a short term move and Hulkenberg could have been long term.”


Harry’s views

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To be honest, I don’t see what all the commotion is about. Back in 2007 when Alonso joined McLaren everyone claimed it would be the ‘dream pairing’ of Fernando and Hamilton. That relationship collapsed because Alonso was assured he’d be the number 1, yet Ron favoured Lewis Hamilton. And also, both Hamilton and Alonso are both aggressive, in your face competitors. Raikkonen on the the other hand is pretty much the opposite. Whereas Alonso wants everything to do with with him in a team, Kimi would rather everyone just left him to his own devices. Put into the the same team I’m sure it’d work out fine. I can’t say they’d work with each other, but I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t work against each other either.


Dom’s views


As Harry has pointed out, this could be a bit of a gamble for Ferrari, as we have seen in the past that two brilliant drivers at the same team doesn’t always work. However, I do think this will probably work out for the best for them. Alonso and Raikkonen are two of the best drivers on the grid, and both rank highly amongst the all time greats. They have greatly increased their chances of winning the constructors title (especially with Red Bull’s most recent driving change) and Kimi has given himself a new hope of more future race wins. Lotus was overall not the best team for him for many reasons, and with the history between himself and Ferrari already there, I doubt it will take long for him to get settled. If I was a team boss, I would try and forget about the politics and just get the best drivers I could into my team, and Ferrari have probably done the best they could. I do feel slightly disappointed for Hulkenberg who was tipped to take the number 2 spot alongside Alonso, but I’m not too worried, his chance will come.

Lastly, I would like to put in a quick word for Felipe Massa. This can’t have been easy for him after the many years and incidents that he has had with Ferrari: missing out on the championship by a point on the last corner of the last race of the year, facing a life threatening injury with worries over his career, the most famous team radio message of recent years ‘Fernando is faster than you.’ But he will soon be moving on. He is a great racing driver, a really nice guy and I’m sure every F1 fan wishes him all the best in his future, wherever that may be.


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