PREDICTIONS: Concacaf Gold Cup Semi-Finals

Updated: July 23, 2015

The Concacaf Gold Cup semi-finals added another twist to the saga of the tournament on Wednesday night.


One of the two competition favourites booked a place in the final for Monday night which were Mexico but their close rivals USA shockingly kneeled down to Jamaica.


Panama and the hosts will come face-to-face over the weekend to determine which country will finish as third best.


Meanwhile in the Let’s Talk Sport Prediction League, Dan Middleton leads the table once again after the quarter-finals.


Euro 2012 prediction winner Conor Porter is currently second joint with editor Jamie Davies and Seb True is in last place out of the four.


Below are the scoreline predictions of the semi-finals, how did they do?


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– Three points for correct scoreline

– One point for correct guess (Win, Draw or Lost)

– Zero points if prediction is completely wrong


Jamie Davies (@JamieODavies)

10923464_10204334426875306_3462815836904265682_o (2)


USA 2-0 Jamaica (1-2)

Panama 0-1 Mexico (1-2 a.e.t.)


Conor Porter (@ConorJPorter)

Conor Porter


USA 2-1 Jamaica (1-2)

Panama 0-1 Mexico (1-2 a.e.t.)



Dan Middleton (@middz6)

Dan Middleton


USA 3-1 Jamaica (1-2)

Panama 0-2 Mexico (1-2 a.e.t.)



Seb True



USA 4-0 Jamaica (1-2)

Panama 1-3 Mexico (1-2 a.e.t.)


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