Updated: September 2, 2016


Yep that’s right it’s back the day when all EFL(English football league) and EPL(English premier league) take a back foot allowing the grassroots off football to flourish.

Non league teams from all around the country will take part in a day like no other, with teams lowering prices on the gates for all, BBQ’s, Fun and games and lots, lot’s more!

The Non-League Day was set up six years ago by a man called James Doe after experiencing Queens Park Rangers play against Travistock after an initial social media experiment the day quickly gained support form Celebrities, MP’s and football league/ premiership teams too.

So wherever you are this saturday football fan’s keep you’re hunger for football quite and go and see you’re local team’s and give them the support they so deperately deserve.

wither it be:

Chester V Forest Green Rovers

Maidstone V Wrexham

Aldershot V Tranmere

Torquay V Lincon (17:30)

And many, many more.

Or even if you just watch you’re local Sunday league team. Give them the limelight for the day. Go have some fun and cheer on the underdogs!

All Games shown above are 3:00pm unless stated.





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