NFL Combine workout drills explained

Updated: February 15, 2013

NFL action is back with the NFL Combine is just around the corner, taking place on the 23rd-26th February 2013.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, the NFL Combine is when the best college prospects are invited to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to take part in a series of physical and mental test which they will be assessed on by NFL coaches, scouts and general managers from all 32 teams. The NFL Combine is a key event in the NFL as in the past, it has ultimately decide a players’ future as it can determine where they go in the draft, their salary and the perception a player receives.

Here is a summary of all of the main workout drills which will take place at the NFL Combine.

40-yard dash

In this drill, players will be timed to see how quickly they can run 40 yards. This event is all about speed and reaction times. Scouts will be looking at not only what time the player can run the drill in, but also the explosion a player can achieve from a static start which ultimately shows a good reaction time. Players’ times are taken at 10 yards, 20 yards and at 40 yards from the start line.

Bench Press

This drill is all about the strength and endurance of a player. The player must rep 225 pounds as many times as they can in one minute.

Vertical Jump

This drill simulates the situation of a player having to jump in the air to reach the ball, so it’s a good demonstration of a player’s leg power and explosion. The measurement is from where the player can reach standing flat-footed, to where the player reaches to when he jumps in the air.

Broad Jump

In this drill, players will start in a stance and then they jump as far as he can forward and land without losing balance. This test is therefore measuring a player’s balance, explosion from a stance and their lower-body explosion and strength.

3 cone drill

This drill tests a players ability to change directions quickly whilst still maintain a high speed. The drill is set out with three cones in the shape of the letter ‘L’. From the start line, the player must run five yards to the first cone and back. He then turns, runs around the second cone, runs a weave around the inside of the third cone, comes back to the second and then back to the start which is the finish point. A player who runs this drill quickly will show good agility.

Shuttle Run

The player starts the drill in a 3 point stance. He then sprints five yards to the right, touches the line, sprints ten yards to the left, touches the line, then sprints five yards to the right to the start and finishes. This tests a player’s speed and explosion.

Below is a link to a video of QB Tim Tebow from the 2010 Combine, demonstrating all of the drills above except for the Bench Press.

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