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Updated: July 6, 2015

It’s back! After a 14 month hiatus Motorsport Monday is back to share with you all the motorsport events of the past week.

Formula 1


It was another good day at the office for Mercedes GP, as they recorded their 6th 1-2 finish of the season with a win by Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone. But they win certainly didn’t come as easily as they would’ve liked.

Hamilton’s poor getaway in Austria meant that Rosberg was able to sneak past him into turn one, but at Silverstone both Mercedes cars had a poor start, allowing the Williams’ to breeze past them. Whilst Lewis retook 2nd place from Valtteri Bottas into turn 3, Felipe Massa held onto the lead.

Carnage at the back brought out the safety car though. Pastor Maldonado collided with his teammate as the cars travelled through turn 2, and upon seeing the crash in front of him Alonso lost control of his car and hit Jenson. Though Alonso was able to continue, Button, Grosjean and Maldonado were out on the spot.

On the restart Massa held the lead, as Hamilton made a daring attempt to overtake him round the outside. The move was ultimately unsuccessful though, and allowed Bottas to slip through into third. The Virtual safety car was brought out soon after though, as Max Verstappen lost control of his Toro Rosso, and slid off the track at speed. Fortunately he came to a stop far away from the track, so the stoppage in racing was only brief.

And so the Williams cars ran first and second, with the Mercedes just behind until the first round of pitstops on lap 20. Lewis pit first, in an attempt to get the undercut on the two Williams’. This strategy worked brilliantly, as he managed to jump both Massa and Bottas through the pitstops. Rosberg though was less fortunate, and found himself in 4th place still.

At the halfway point in the race there were reports of rain heading towards the circuit. The reports were correct, and on lap 38 the rain started to come down significantly enough to effect traction. The weather conditions tempted Raikkonen into pitting for inters, but the change came too soon, and Kimi found himself down in 9th, with dud tyres.

Despite the track still being mostly dry, Valtteri started to struggle for grip, and found himself being relived of 3rd by Nico Rosberg. The Williams FW37 , like its predecessor the FW36, is known to be a poor car in the wet and it really began to show. Two laps after he overtook Bottas, Rosberg took 2nd place from Massa.

On slick tyres Rosberg started to close on Hamilton, but the track was starting to get even wetter, and on lap 43 Lewis pit in for inters. Vettel did the same, and it looked like both drivers had pit in too soon. But the timing could not have been more perfect. Rosberg really struggled on his in lap, and lost all the time he made up to Hamilton. Vettel meanwhile found himself in 3rd place. After running around in 5th and 6th for most of the race, he unexpectedly undercut both of the floundering Williams cars to find himself in a podium scoring position.

And so the race ran its course, with Lewis Hamilton winning from Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. The race featured a surprisingly high number of retirees, with one McLaren, both Lotus’, both Toro Rossos and a Red Bull failing to finish. The Sauber of Felipe Nasr failed to even make the start, suffering a gearbox failure on the way to the grid. The low number of finishers did allow Fernando Alonso to score his first points of the season though, with a 10th place finish.



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