Gold Cup Prediction League table – 1/4 Finals

Updated: July 22, 2015

There are just four teams remaining in the Concacaf Gold Cup as USA, Mexico, Panama and Jamaica proceed to the semi-finals.

It is getting very close to the conclusion of another Gold Cup tournament in North America which also indicates last chances for any of our football predictors run away from the pack to be on top.

In the previous Prediction League table, Dan Middleton was in the lead for the first time as Jamie Davies and Conor Porter were trailing by three.

Seb True was in last place but had not predicted every match of the competition.

After another four games took to the pitch, take a look below the latest leaderboard:


Position Predictor Points
1st Dan Middleton 15
2nd Conor Porter 12
2nd Jamie Davies 12
3rd Seb True 9

Mr Middleton stays top for the second time after grabbing three points from the quarter-finals.

Jamie and Conor remain joint second with 12, three points behind Dan.

And Seb scored the most points in the fourth round with four points to his tally but stays in last position.

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