F1 Singapore Grand Prix – Predictions

Updated: September 21, 2013

Sebastian Vettel claimed his 41st pole position of his Formula 1 career under the lights in Singapore on a beautiful Saturday evening in Marina Bay.


Jamie’s prediction (@JamieODavies)


1st – Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)

2nd – Mark Webber (Red Bull)

3rd – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)


Sebastian Vettel has yet again secured another pole position showing the dominance he has performed in the sport for the last three years. Vettel seems to love coming to the Singapore Grand Prix, he’s won the last two races in Marina Bay (2011 & 2012) with hardly any difficulty and Singapore is said to be the most ‘challenging’ one out of the 19 this season.

Vettel has most of the time won a race from starting in the best position on the grid and has done that commonly this season and the fact that he knows what it takes to win a race while the moon is rising up is the reason why I’m going for the German to win on Sunday.

I’m going for Vettel’s bestest friend in the world, Mark Webber to finish runner up. The Australian has shown very good lap times on Friday practice and qualifying and looks comfortable with the circuit. Yes, Webber will probably end up going backwards at the start of the race since he is well known for doing that move but I think a second consecutive podium finish is a possibility for him this weekend.

Hopefully for Lewis Hamilton’s sake that his silver arrow Mercedes does not do a repeat of his old McLaren from last season when he was leading the race comfortably, but then all of a sudden the car had electric problems forcing the 2008 world champion to retire. Hamilton has won in Singapore which was back in 2009 failing to retain the world championship. He seems to be being too hard on himself once again after Saturday’s qualifying but I think he should be happy starting the race in 5th position.

A podium place for Hamilton I reckon and should be able to handle Romain Grosjean who is starting the race in third.



Harry’s prediction (@hazzwright)

Some handsome fellow

1st – Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)

2nd – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

3rd – Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)


Vettel has unsurprisingly secured yet another pole position. He has never been out of the running all season. I think that now that the season is well into the second half, it’s almost as if he’s done toying with his rivals. This time last year Alonso was ahead, and Vettel won 4 in a row. This time Vettel is ahead by a not insubstantial margin. If he wins today he has almost certainly won the championship I’d say.

Di Resta has sabotaged himself once again, with another poor qualifying result. He constantly blames the team even though Adrian seems to be doing fine. I do feel a little bit sorry for Force India, because before the tyre changes they were moderately successful.

Esteban Gutierrez has impressed me with his Q2 performance, so I was a little dissapointed when he failed to show in Q3. I can understand Sauber’s decsicion, as during the race he’ll probably drop like a stone, but it was worth a shot at least I think.


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