Updated: August 28, 2016


Chester showed that they were no pushovers after being dominated for most of the game.

The blues came out of the block like Usain Bolt did the 100 meters scoring two goals within the first 10 minutes of the match. The first came courtesy of former Wrexham F.C center half Blaine Hudson’s glancing header from a free kick which was taken by fans favorite Elliott Durrell who was also a former midfielder at Wrexham F.C. It only took four more minutes for Chester to find goal number two, in the seventh minute Kane Richards broke clear of the defense whose shot was push away by Sutton’s keeper only to find Ryan Lloyd who fired a half volley which found the net comfortably.

After the first fifteen minutes Sutton showed why they are placed so high up in the league and dominated the game, this showed as Chester started to loose discipline when Kane Richards made a poor challenge in which a small after battle took place which resulted in him receiving his first booking of the game.

The second half didn’t start in Chester’s multiple of chances from Sutton finding great form with shots forcing the Chester keeper to do world class saves.

Things were starting to turn to Sutton’s favor when and looked to get worse when a break in play came around when Chester’s right back Theo Vassell went down injured, many fans were worried as they thought that he may have been paralyzed due to lack of movement in the the bottom half of his body took up nearly 10 minutes of play before being stretchered off.

It was starting to look like Chester wanted to settle for the 2-0 win when in the 84th minute Richards broke into the box and was brought down though many thought that Richards went down too easy and was expecting Richards to see a second yellow. But a penalty was given and Tom Shaw was the man to take and although the keeper got a touch it still managed to wiggle its way past the goal keeper for the third goal of the game.

It took till the 91st  minute of the game before Kane Richards manged to grab his goal from a free kick  straight from the training ground as Horwood managed to fool Sutton into thinking he was shooting then passing the ball in the box to Richards who calmly placed the in the top right of the net.

An Overall good performance although the defense is still a little bit shaky at time but a good three points to the blues.




Steven Rushton






Hudson 3rd min, Lloyd 7th min, Shaw 85th min, Richards 91st min



Man of the match:

Craig Mahon

let’s talk sport’s man of the match:

Kane Richards


All here at let’s talk sport would like to wish Kyle Vassell a speedy recovery with his injury and hope it’s not too serious.

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