Armchair Coaching for the NFL – Week 5

Updated: October 11, 2015

Welcome to a new series of articles on Let’s Talk Sport where every week, TIM TUCKER will sit down and try to explain, in the simplest terms possible, all the matches from the National Football League that you should sit down to watch. Along with a couple of predictions and his thoughts.

Everybody on board with that concept? Good. Let’s get right into it.


St. Louis Rams (2-2) vs. Green Bay Packers (4-0) 


Being your resident armchair coach, I have to start with the team I support and that first got me into football; The Packers. Green Bay have been on an early tear this season, with fantastic plays littered amongst the games they’ve already had. You need only look back at last weeks beautiful air-to-ground missile-style pass from quarterback Aaron Rodgers into the dancing hands of James Jones to see that they have been on target so far.


But they shouldn’t count out the Rams, a team currently sitting at a comfortable 2-2 position. A dynamic shift in their choice of quarterback may have shaken the group a little, but confidence comes with time and it is far too early to definitively say that the Rams can’t pick up a victory. Especially if they notice that the Packers defence still has a massive opening in their struggles at stopping a running game.


No doubt the Rams will want to be getting their new player as much action as possible but if they get picked off or squeezed out by the Packers blocking crew, they could effectively hand over the game. Since the Packers play best from a come from behind position, my prediction is for Green Bay to take the victory after losing their footing in the first quarter and regaining it towards the end of the second/beginning of the third. Expect lots of sacks.



Seattle Seahawks (2-2) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (4-0) 


Start polishing those glass slippers for luck, our Cinderella story may be about to get smashed in Cincinnati. After a controversial call last week against the Detroit Lions that some might say should leave the Seahawks sitting at 1-3, they now end up fighting an uphill battle against the so-far undefeated Bengal’s this Sunday.


That storyline itself is enough reason to tune in to watch the game. It’d be silly to believe that with appearing in the past two Super Bowl’s, Seattle wouldn’t be used to playing with the world watching. They know high pressured situations and it always makes their expertly managed running game fly a little faster to those end zones.


However, the past few games for the Seahawks has seen some close calls and shaky plays, especially when it comes to defence. Now they’re coming across a team in Cincinnati that has never looked more balanced in offence. Running, passing and kicking the ball in equal measure for maximum efficiency and taking defence completely by surprise. Their running game is also the thing to watch, however. It’s a lot scrappier than Seattle’s, with players almost going down only to pop back up, but the Bengal’s always manage to fight through to a touchdown.


For my predictions, I’d expect to see a game that relies heavily on running and offensive management. More than ever, it’s the team that can outmanoeuvre the other that takes the victory. If the Seahawks can tap into that underdog spirit like fellow Washington athlete Daniel Bryan and play smarter, not stronger, they may be able to pull out a close low-point victory like a 10-7 or 17-14. But, for the record, my money is on the authority of those orange and black striped maulers to take this one home.



Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) vs. San Diego Chargers (2-2)


Nothing beats a nail biter where one team will inevitably go up and the other goes down. That’s exactly what we’ll have come Monday with the match in San Diego. Call air traffic control because this one seems set to be all about the passing game.


Phillip River’s can be called the Charger’s saving grace so far this season, pulling them back from the jaws of defeat last week and rallying the rest of the team with what people are calling some of the best football they’ve seen over the past few weeks. Meanwhile, Michael Vick is also showing some strong passes that has kept the Steeler’s confident despite losing two of the four games they’ve played so far.


I think, like any game involving Pittsburgh, this one relies heavily on that legendary line of defence. Usually used as a blockade of manly meat that prevents any movement, what we’re going to want to see is a lot of pressure on River’s. If he is limited or taken out of the equation early, we’ll see the rest of the San Diego team gasping for air as Steel City steals the game right from under their noses. Which is exactly what I’m expecting to see.



So what are your thoughts on the games of Week 5? Did I miss any interesting games or do you think I’ve called a game wrong? Are there any games that you’d like me to give my perspective on for next week?

Let us know in the comment section.


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