You can’t write scripts like Leicester City

Updated: July 2, 2015

One minute fans are celebrating arguably one of Leicester City best ever moments, by defying all the odds to produce the Premier League’s greatest ever escape, and the next? Well, all will be explained.


On the 30th June 2015, Nigel Pearson’s second reign in charge of the Foxes was ended after ‘indifferences’ between himself and the board/owners. This ended what has been an unforgettable 3 years for both Nigel himself and the history of Leicester City Football Club.


Losing in that unbelievable Play-Off Semi Final against Watford, where the famous words of “Hogg, DEENEY!” were bellowed from the gantries, to then gain Promotion to the Premier League as champions of the Sky Bet Championship with a club record points tally of 102, after a 10 year absence. This was followed by securing Premier League status after 140 days at the bottom (an unwanted Premier League record may I add) this season just gone; the previous record stood at 99 days, held by West Brom back in the 2004/2005 season. So much has happened to this club, and during the 2014/2015 season, certain cracks unfortunately started to show at the wrong times.


Nigel Pearson became increasingly frustrated with his side’s misfortune, which resulted in Leicester losing out on potentially vital points leading into the tail-end of the season. This frustration was clear for everyone to see in a few post-match interviews with the media, and one example that everyone remembers is the incident with reported Pat Murphy, in which Nigel Pearson refers to him as a ‘p****’ and becomes very blunt with his replies to Mr. Murphy.


This moment hands down was the start of things to come for Pearson in front of the media.


Journalist Ian Baker, in which Nigel Pearson referred to as ‘an ostrich’ was another weird moment in the season, because it was so unexpected and was actually comedy gold in a way. Very few managers, if any, would refer to a journalist as any type of animal let alone an ostrich. But Nigel came out with it after the home defeat to Chelsea, and whether he was right or wrong by responding to a question like that, it ultimately set off alarm bells within the club.

From then on, things actually started to look up for Nigel and the side, winning 7 out of their last 9 games, only losing one in the process, which was the 3-1 home defeat to eventual title winners Chelsea. Leicester finished 14th in the end, after what had been a very long season. From this point, everything was going swimmingly until mid-June.


Three Leicester City players, including Nigel Pearson’s son, James, had their contracts terminated by the club due to a racist orgy that took place on Leicester City’s end of season trip to Thailand, which was paid for by our Thai owners. In the end, the board never really backed Nigel and couldn’t tolerate such behaviour from these players, and so this whole escapade resulting in the inevitable sacking of Nigel.


It was a shock to most Leicester fans, but unfortunately it was only a matter of time.


Neil Lennon looks to be the hot favourite to return to Leicester City, after playing there as a player. Other managers such as Bob Bradley (former USA coach), Sean Dyche (Burnley manager) and Sam Allardyce (Ex-West Ham boss) have all been in the frame since Pearson’s sacking, however the club are yet to make a decision and won’t for a couple of weeks I presume.


These are interesting times for Leicester City, and I know I will be keeping my eye out on this situation as it unfolds.


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