World Cup Wednesday: the Most Awesome Goals of all Time

Updated: April 30, 2014

It’s ‘World Cup Wednesday’ once again on the Let’s Talk Sport website. The football season is getting closer to the finish line with the world cup stars getting preparations ready for a tough summer ahead.

In this week’s edition, I am sharing to you readers out there my favorite world cup goals of all time.

With over a thousand goals to be recorded at the world cup finals since the very first competition took place in 1930, it has definitely taken some time to pick the best from the rest.

Below is my 5 breathtaking goals witnessed by millions of fans at the world cup. So, before you start commenting saying I’ve missed out a better goal or something I’m afraid for you I am sticking to these. Enjoy.


Germany 2006: Maxi Rodriguez (Argentina) v Mexico

We all remember Maxi Rodriguez playing at Liverpool for a few years until the Argentine left the club in 2012 to join Newell’s Old Boys based in his home country.

Rodriguez put 15 balls in the back of the net in his 57 appearances for the Merseyside club, but this goal against Mexico beats the lot.

His country were level 1-1 with Mexico after the full 90 minutes were played.

8 minutes into extra time, Rodriguez fired a bullet past Oswaldo Sanchez and back of the net dumping Mexico out of the world cup in the last 16.


France 98 World Cup: Michael Owen (England) v Argentina

Michael Owen has certainly had England fans on the edge of our seats when attacking with a potential of scoring a goal.

The goal machine had been wowing us throughout his whole career with many impressive goals, but this goal could be the best one he has ever performed.

At the age of 18, Owen was travelling to France for the 1998 world cup with his team mates and with a lot of potential.

He was talked about in the newspapers and coaches that he could be the next star in English football.

The man made his mark at France 98. With a fast pace attack past two Argentinians entering the penalty area, Paul Scholes was there for support but Owen rejected to nail a superb finish to give his country the lead.

Probably the best goal scored in Owen’s England career.


South Africa 2010: Giovanni Van Bronckhorst (Netherlands) v Uruguay

Now this goal must have shaked the stadium a little.

It was the Netherlands up against Uruguay in the semi finals of the 2010 world cup in South Africa for a place in the finale.

The game was goal less after 18 minutes but all of a sudden Giovanni Van Bronckhorst changed all of that with a rocket launching goal.

The skipper was miles away from the Uruguay penalty area but with acres of space in front the temptation got to him and it was worth it.

The best goal of world cup 2010? I think so.


Germany 2006: Joe Cole (England) v Sweden

The 2006 world cup in Germany was certainly a world cup to remember. We remember Zinedine Zidane end his footballing career by headbutting Italy’s Marco Materazzi in the final, Ronaldo become the top world cup goalscorer of all time with 15 goals.

For Joe Cole, he scored a goal to remember for the rest of his days.

The goal was against Sweden in the final group match, already qualified for the last 16 against Ecuador. The match ended as a 2-2 draw no thanks to Henrik Larsson’s last minute equalizer.

The highlight of the match was Cole’s volley out of no where, it was one of the best moments of England’s campaign before the team typically got sent home after a penalty shootout loss to Portugal, as you do.


Mexico 86: Diego Maradona (Argentina) v England

This match will always be remembered for Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ that separated his side to England.

Argentina were a goal to nil after 55 minutes of play until Maradona caused trouble and danger to the English side when Maradona scored his second of the game, four minutes after his opening to the game but this one was an actual goal.

Maradona uses his unstoppable pace from the right flank to beat 5 players including the goalkeeper to finish one of the best goals to be witnessed in the footballing world.

England had been knocked out of the world cup yet again but for the wrong reasons. But hay, at least Gary Linekar won the golden boot.


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