World Cup Predictions: How it Works

Updated: June 11, 2014

The Let’s Talk Sport team has been providing football predictions from last season especially Conor Porter’s feature, ‘Porter’s Predictions’. This summer, most of the members will be sharing their world cup predictions to battle it out.

This post is to let you readers understand the format of this predictions competition.

Most of the members here at Let’s Talk Sport are battling it out to see which one has the most psychic mind of predicting all 64 matches or whoever does best in a guessing game.

The predictions competition will all be down to points just like a football league table format is done and after 64 matches a look at the table will reveal all. You could say it’s a month long predictions season.


Points System

As said before, this is all down to points. Here we go.


3 points – this will be the highest score the writers could get with a prediction. The only way our writers can score maximum points is by predicting the match’s scoreline exactly right.

The same amount of points you’d get if a team wins a football match.


1 point – a single point is awarded to the writers who both team’s results in a match. For example, if someone predicts Brazil to beat Croatia but doesn’t get the scoreline correct and the host nation wins then you just miss out on 3 but get 1.

Something to go home with, as a footballer would say after a draw.


0 points – you couldn’t do any worse, if you get the scoreline wrong and both country’s result in a single match then you could say it feels like you’ve lost a football match. Heart breaking.


Remember to follow our world cup predictions battle throughout the tournament!

Also, remember to comment below our world cup predictions posts with your very own predictions.



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