Seb’s World Cup Predictions Group Stages Round 3

Updated: June 23, 2014

We’re nearing the end of the group stages and down to the knock-out stages, where the big boys show what they’re all about in one of the most exciting and unpredictable World Cup’s we have witnessed.

Here are my predictions for the last of the group games.

Group A 

Cameroon V Brazil

Brazil need to impress if they are to make anyone fear them in the next round. It is probably the easiest game for Brzail, but they can slip up. I think the Brazilians will win this one with ease.

Cameroon 0-2 Brazil

Croatia V Mexico

Both impressive against Brazil, in different ways. Croatia came at Brazil like no other team and threatened them. Mexico impressively managed to hold onto a draw, with help from world class goalkeeping. This will be without doubt a tight match but I was unbelievably impressed the way Croatia beat Cameroon and I think they’re going to be second in the group with a win against Mexico.

Croatia 2-1 Mexico

Group B

Australia V Spain

A more disappointing World Cup for Spain than Australia, but Australia were unlucky not to get anything against the Dutch, they do present a threat on goal whereas Spain are weak at the back and have only managed to score in this World Cup through a penalty. Spain have been dreadful so I do think that this will end in a draw.

Australia 0-0 Spain

Holland V Chile 

Chile could be to this tournament what Uruguay were in 2010, they have a very good side and play very well together. The Dutch seem like favorites to win this World Cup, having kept the 2010 class. Both sides are very good and I expect many goals.

Holland 2-2 Chile

Group C 

Greece V Ivory Coast 

Ivory Coast haven’t blown us away like we could expect of them, but they have been good enough to earn qualification through this with all respect “average” group. They should win against Greece, they are better than them technically and will be able to break the Greek defense down.

Greece 0-1 Ivory Coast

Japan V Colombia

Japan haven’t challenged the teams as much as we’d have wanted them, Colombia have dealt well with the loss of Falcao and have progressed to the next round but I think they’ll struggle afterwards.

Group D

Costa Rica V England 

Costa Rica have shocked us all this World Cup but there could be another shock, that being England getting a point. Costa Rica have been good and resilient and playing counter-attacking football, but England were unlucky to not get anything from the Uruguay and Italy matches but I think they can get a point against Costa Rica, them having already qualified could play a part in the match.

Costa Rica 2-2 England

Italy V Uruguay 

Italy looked tired and out of ideas against Costa Rica but against Uruguay they would go through if it ends in a draw, but they’ll want to go through with a win whether it’s first or second. Uruguay have been very poor in my opinion. Their victory against England was far from their best, where they just put away their only chances and obviously they were terrible against Costa Rica. I think Italy will win this.

Italy 2-1 Uruguay

Group E

Ecuador V France

Ecuador nearly slipped up against Honduras like they did against Switzerland, we’ve clearly understood that France are the dominant team in this group, they will tear apart Ecuador’s defense.

Ecuador 0-3 France

Honduras V Switzerland

Switzerland haven’t performed in any of their matches and I think this will be their most difficult, they will struggle to deal with Honduras’ physicality like 4 years ago where it ended 0-0, I think Switzerland will just about win this one.

Honduras 0-1 Switzerland

Group F

Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Iran

It’s disappointing that a good team like Bosnia are out but they have been extremely poor and deserve to be out. Iran are very organised and could cause an upset against Bosnia, they were unfortunate to lose against Argentina. I think this will end in a draw though.

Bosnia 0-0 Iran

Nigeria V Argentina  

So far Argentina have relied heavily on Messi, who has made the difference between 1 point and 3 points in the first two matches. Nigeria have tried counter-attacking but their lack of quality in strikers has and still will be a downfall. They won’t get many chances against Argentina. Argentina will win this.

Nigeria 0-2 Argentina

Group G

Portugal V Ghana 

Portugal pay the price of relying on Ronaldo, now that he is under performing, Portugal have suffered. Pepe and Coentrao not being there has proven to be a big difference and they will struggle against a lively Ghana side. I think this one will end in a draw.

Portugal 1-1 Ghana

USA V Germany

Germany will be disappointed if they can thrash Portugal and not win against Ghana and USA. They will really try and make a mark on this tournament but they’ll come up against their most difficult competition in the group.

USA 0-2 Germany

Group H

Algeria V Russia

Algeria are a very good team, very underrated, they started to fall asleep against South Korea. Russia have been terrible so far and most likely qualify for the knock-out stages.

Algeria 2-1 Russia

South Korea V Belgium 

Belgium have failed to get lift off in this tournament, I expect them to pick up against the weakest side in this group. South Korea haven’t been much of a threat to any team, but they have scored in every game, I think that will continue.

South Korea 1-3 Belgium

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