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Updated: May 1, 2013

Goalkeeper : Wojeich Szczesny (Arsenal FC)

Not a very impressive weekend for goalkeepers when we see the likes of Joe Hart letting slip an easy shot against West Ham or Joel Gomes against Tottenham making the worst clearance ever to let Bale score unknowingly. Although Van Persie had a bit of an off day against Arsenal, Szczesny was equal to every shot that came at him except for a penalty that the big man, Van Persie, slotted home.

Right Back : Seamus Coleman (Everton FC)

Although a very bland game against Fulham, Coleman showed all the Everton fans that there is not only one full back in their team. His forward runs were what mostly caused Fulham problems, drawing Fulham players towards him giving Fellaini space to do his work. Although Fulham players started closing him down, it didn’t stop him from managing to dribble past them and putting in crosses.

Centre Back : Laurent Koscienly (Arsenal FC)

The main reason as to why Van Persie had a frustrating afternoon is all down to the Frenchman. Koscienly has constantly shown this season that he can be strong, aggressive, combative, fearless and can also keep the ball very well, which is the main reason why Vermaelen can’t get a game anymore (he is also injured a lot). His perfectly timed tackles, his intelligence and anticipation were the main reasons why he is in my team of the week.

Centre Back : Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United FC)

It could have been easy for me to put Daniel Agger of Liverpool in my team who played reasonably well against, what seemed to be, a Sunday league team in Newcastle. Rio Ferdinand did exactly what he has done all season in this match, commanded his defence well and stayed organised, except for maybe daydreaming a bit when unable to make sure Patrice Evra wasn’t trailing behind his line. Johnny Evans has started to look more like a complete defender and more confident thanks to Ferdinand.

Left Back : Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City FC)

Although he isn’t usually a left back, I decided to put Zabaleta there, because in my opinion Man City, in this game or even this season, wouldn’t have been as strong. He always pressured West Ham and forced a couple of good saves from Jaaskelainen. But let it also be said that with Kompany not being as impressive as last season and Nastasic reasonably inexperienced, Zabaleta has been the key player to that defence being what is has this season, with the best defensive record in the Premier League.

Right Midfield : Callum McManaman (Wigan Athletic FC)

The Wigan youngster will only be known this season for that horrible tackle on Haidara when he has actually played reasonably well, his goal against Tottenham is deemed very valuable when they’re now 5 points adrift with a game in hand, instead of 6 points adrift (Then they’d be counting on Aston Villa’s goal difference to be worse, which is unlikely after their 6-1 win at the hands of Sunderland). Wigan dominated the game against Tottenham, which is now a reoccurring factor each season in this game, but Callum McManaman shows exactly what everyone expects from him, commitment, passion, energy, enthusiasm and talent.

Centre Midfield : Yaya Toure (Manchester City FC)

The big cog between all the little cogs in Man City’s team, Yaya Toure is a joy to watch when he’s having a good game, on Saturday he brought the ball forward well, linked up well with Aguero and obviously scored a goal which could contest goal of the month, along side Van Persie’s goal.

Centre Midfield : Shaun Maloney (Wigan Athletic FC)

A Scotsman who can dribble very well, pass it very well and keep the ball very well. He is probably Wigan’s player of the season, especially Saturday, not letting Tottenham have the ball mainly in the second half but still surprising to me that a team that far down the table has the confidence to play the way they do against top teams who would annihilate them if they played like that. Shaun Maloney had a good game making good runs through on goal but unable to finish which has come to often for him recently, like against Man City and West Ham, which could become costly at the end of the season.

Centre Midfield : Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool FC)

Every pass this little magician does, I fall in love with it. His passing is extraordinary along with his vision, able to find the perfect pass into the best place possible with the perfect amount of wait, and let’s not also forget he can naturally dribble well too, being Brazilian, I could compliment him until the end of the season, but then again this was as I said a “Sunday league team in Newcastle” which they did play against, still can’t take away the fact that the 20 year old has got talent.

Left Midfield : Gareth Bale (Tottenham hotspur FC)

Unfortunately for Tottenham, they don’t seem to be able to attack when Bale isn’t in the team, which is becoming increasingly worrying, Saturday against Wigan showed that again, although the Tottenham players are very good players, they haven’t got anyone else, maybe Lennon, who can bring the ball forward like Bale, his power and pace beats any player and the way he can keep the ball so easily is like no other player. I worry if Tottenham do have to let him go in the summer, what will happen to them?

Striker : Christian Benteke (Aston Villa FC)

He was a day too late to show why he should have been named PFA young player of the year, scoring a hat-trick, making another North East team look like a Sunday league team. Without doubt Aton Villa’s player of the season and quieting the doubters who moaned at

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the lack of game time Bent got at the beginning of the season.


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