PREDICTIONS: Concacaf Gold Cup Round 2

Updated: July 10, 2015

Let’s Talk Sport‘s Prediction League reaches the second round of the Concacaf Gold Cup group stage.


Editor Jamie Davies alongside his contributors Conor Porter, Dan Middleton and Seb True are currently every man for themselves in their bid to be crowned king of predicting North American matches.


Mr Porter will be the man to keep an eye out for his victory on Euro 2012 predictions in the opening months of Let’s Talk Sport.


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– Three points for correct scoreline

– One point for correct guess (Win, Draw or Lost)

– Zero points if prediction is completely wrong


Jamie Davies (@JamieODavies)

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Group A

Honduras 0-1 Panama (1-1)
USA 3-0 Haiti (1-0)


Group B

Jamaica 1-1 Canada (1-0)
Costa Rica 2-1 El Salvador (1-1)


Group C

Trinidad and Tobago 2-0 Cuba (2-0)
Guatemala 1-5 Mexico (0-0)



Conor Porter (@ConorJPorter)

Conor Porter

Group A

Honduras 1-2 Panama (1-1)
USA 5-0 Haiti (1-0)


Group B

Jamaica 2-1 Canada (1-0)
Costa Rica 2-0 El Salvador (1-1)


Group C

Trinidad and Tobago 3-0 Cuba (2-0)
Guatemala 1-4 Mexico (0-0)



Dan Middleton (@middz6)

Dan Middleton

Group A

Honduras 1-1 Panama (1-1)
USA 3-1 Haiti (1-0)


Group B

Jamaica 2-2 Canada (1-0)
Costa Rica 1-0 El Salvador (1-1)


Group C

Trinidad and Tobago 2-3 Cuba (2-0)
Guatemala 1-4 Mexico (0-0)


Seb True


NOTE: Mr. True has not provided his predictions for the group A and group B matches.


Group C

Trinidad 2-2 Cuba (2-0)

Guatemala 0-3 Mexico (0-0)

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