Let’s Talk Sport’s Final Whistle

Updated: January 8, 2016

Let’s Talk Sport are pleased to announce a brand new show on Calon FM called ‘Let’s Talk Sport‘s Final Whistle’.


The new show airs LIVE on Calon FM on Saturday, January 9 at 6pm (GMT) with your host Jamie Davies along with Dan Middleton, Harry Wright, Jack Price & Adam Davies.


What is Final Whistle?


Let’s Talk Sport‘s Final Whistle will be reviewing football results from Saturday’s action including local teams in the Welsh area.


The team in the studio will be talking to local football reporters including Let’s Talk Sport‘s Chester FC correspondent Adam Davies.


With a few matches kicking off every Saturday evening at the same time as Final Whistle, one of our co-hosts will be watching the full 90 minutes to keep you listeners up-to-date on the score.


Jamie and his guests will also be previewing Sunday’s football by checking out the latest team news before sharing their honest predictions.


How to listen in


There are a few ways of listening to Let’s Talk Sport‘s Final Whistle


Tune In


You can listen to the show online via Calon FM’s Tune In page by clicking HERE or from the embedded player below…






DOWNLOAD the Calon FM app for free to your mobile phone and tablet from Android or the App Store.







And you have access to listen to Final Whistle on Calon FM’s live stream from their official website by clicking HERE





If you miss the show


We hear you, it’s a Saturday night and your off out to dine or go for a drink at your local pub resulting in missing Let’s Talk Sport‘s Final Whistle.


Not a problem as you can listen to the whole show whenever the time suits you thanks to Calon FM’s listen again service on their website.





Don’t forget to tune into our weekly Let’s Talk Sport Show on Mondays from 3 – 4pm on Calon FM as the team discuss the latest goings-on in the world of sport.




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