Harry’s Halfway Point Review Part Two

Updated: July 31, 2013

Toro Rosso:


Probably on their best form since Vettel left the team. Whilst neither driver is Vettel quick I can at least say they are both excellent. I find it incredibly difficult to say which driver is better to be honest. Makes me wonder why Christian Horner says Jean-Eric is out of the running. He has more points than Ricciardo, and that’s with 4 retirements compared to Ricciardo’s 2. The biggest thing this team needs is for both drivers to get into the top 10. Unfortunately Ricciardo has just faded in the last few races, leading me to question his race pace. But at least for the first time in their history, Toro Rosso have got 2 good solid drivers. God remember Scott Speed? He was terrible.

The Verdict-I just think the drivers need to go that teeny bit faster in the race, and they’d score some good points. If Ricciardo leaves for Red Bull I think it’ll be a great loss for the team.



One can only assume that last season Sauber spent their entire budget on building a good car. And they succeed to some degree. Still looking for that first true win (Robert Kubica won for BMW Sauber) they scored a few good legitimate podiums. Unfortunately this season they have gone the complete other way. They lost their two good drivers, and hired a known quantity. Nico Hulkenberg is clearly doing all he can for a team, but at the same time F1 isn’t a charity. This time last year they’d already achieved 2 podiums, yet at this moment in time their best result is 8th. It’s a shame the team had to revert to a pay driver to fill in the second seat. Now they’ll probably spin some story about success in lower formula, but we all know he’s only there also because of the juicy, juicy Pesos. And I thought Mexicans were poor. Don’t I look foolish.

The Verdict-The follow up season is looking depressingly poor. Sauber is a fan favourite but they might not be around for very much further.



Remember when these guys won both championships? But that says it all really for a team that was so good, even Jacques Villeneuve won for them. The last time this team had any proper success was pretty much over 10 years ago. Back when they had the angriest man in F1, and a soon to be 7 time world champion’s brother racing for them. Now Maldonado did win a race for them, but Olivier Panis won the 96 Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately just a one hit wonder is Maldonado. He clearly tries to get the best out of the car, but it seems like Williams have their priorities wrong. Stop making KERS systems for buses and focus on your car! Valtteri Bottas clearly has flashes of talent, but it’s hard to properly tell in that car. He qualified a surprising 3rd in Canada, but predictably dropped like a stone. But luckily for him it’s displays like that that catches the eyes of the bigger teams.

The Verdict-1 point, just think about that for a second. I’d like to think they’ll improve after the break, but I just don’t know.



Technically ahead of Caterham, but that’s not exactly an achievement. You have to admire this teams increase in form. For 2 years in a row they finished lower than HRT. How is that even possible? Now with Jules Bianchi on board the team sort of looks like it’s getting better. Problem with that is though, Jules will probably be picked up by a better team, perhaps even Ferrari. That’ll put Marussia back to square 1. Now on the other hand we have Max Chilton. If you look up ‘Pay Driver’ in a dictionary you’ll see a picture of Chilton’s face. He is so talentless Marussia would probably be better off without him.

The Verdict-They’ve gone from stone dead last to, err, second to last. But if HRT were still around they’d be beating them too! Probably.



This year is extra important for Caterham. The rules say whichever team finishes last does not receive a single penny. Now I’m sure Tony Fernandes has a lot of money but is he prepared to fund the team out of his own pocket? The team did a good job of signing Charles Pic, but he’s done ‘a Hulkenberg’. Leaving a team that’s going up, to join a team going down. Now to be honest, he’s a good driver, but his team mate is not. Giedo van der Garde is technically better than Chilton, but only by a whisker. It’s only because of Jules that Marussia are ahead. If Pic and Jules were on the same team they’d probably make Williams and perhaps even Sauber nervous. Ok maybe not that much better but you know what I mean.

The Verdict-For their own sake, they don’t want to finish last. I suppose they’ve at least got the nicest looking car on the grid. Mmm…just look at that emerald green.

Phew! Well there it is folks. My Brief (lies) look at the first half of the season. For the second half of the season think Lotus will continue to harass Red Bull, as will Mercedes. If Martin Whitmarsh is to be believed a Button does some car related wizardry ¬†McLaren ‘might’ improve, but it’s hard to tell. Ferrari are pretty much at risk of loosing both drivers at this rate. Also Sauber seem to think they’ll do better but that remains to be see. And who knows, maybe Force India will get a podium?

End of season Predictions would put Vettel as the championship winner, Kimi Raikkonen second and Lewis Hamilton third. Constructors wise, probably Red Bull, Mercedes then Ferrari.

F1 Article by Harry Wright

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