Gold Cup Prediction League table – Round 2

Updated: July 13, 2015

The 2015 Concacaf Gold Cup has only one group stage remaining, how are the members of Let’s Talk Sport doing in the Prediction League table?

Sunday night saw the final game of the second stages in the groups wrap up with an outstanding goalless result for Guatemala against Mexico.

There is still a lot on the line for many participating teams in the deciding fixtures of groups A, B and C.

Below is the latest Prediction League table after the opening two rounds.


Position Predictor Points
1st Jamie Davies 9
2nd Conor Porter 8
3rd Dan Middleton 7
4th Seb True 5

Jamie Davies has taken the lead with nine points thanks to the three pointer for Trinidad & Tobago’s 2-0 win over Cuba.


Conor Porter is still in reach of spoiling the party – trailing by just a single point while Dan Middleton revived himself back with a chance by earning four points.


Not a great round for Seb True, who only predicted the group C matches, as he scored zero.


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