Brazil 2 – 0 Mexico Match Report

Updated: June 19, 2013

Brazil win 2- 0 against Mexico in unconvincing fashion but they get the three points and win exactly as good friend Jamie Davies predicted.

At the start of the match the Brazilian fans became intimidating to the Mexican players just from the noise they were making and the support for their team. The screams seemed to make a difference to Mexico’s performance in the first 25 minutes of the match.

Brazil were applying a lot of pressure onto Mexico in their own half, looking motivated to impress their fans and show their commitment. After nine minutes Mexico then tried to apply pressure to the Brazil players but they held the ball up well and eventually got a cross in that got deflected and flew above Neymar and landed in front of him, only to leave him to volley it home beautifully.

Brazil weren’t as enthusiastic after they scored but still created a couple of chances, notably when Dani Alves attempted a cross which turned into a shot that looked like would squeeze into the top corner but Corona managed to tip it over the bar.

After 15 minutes, Mexico started to find a bit of rhythm while attacking, mainly influenced by Giovanni Dos Santos. Mexico got a few chances in the first half from players getting out on the wing like Dos Santos, Torres and Salcido.

Mexico started getting the ball a lot more but gave it away constantly cheaply in their own half but Brazil didn’t manage to take advantage of possession.

When Mexico started getting into Brazil’s half more frequently, the Brazil defence didn’t know how to deal with even when there was a lack of pressure and Neymar along with Hulk and Oscar gave away cheap and dangerous free-kicks but got away without getting booked.

Dos Santos started to really ask questions of the Brazil defence when putting in exquisite through balls and beating Marcelo to get in dangerous crosses and trying to make the most of the constant corners and free-kicks but Hernandez and the other Mexicans were not equal to all the chances that were presented to them. A free-kick just before half-time hit the roof of the net from Dos Santos.

At the start of the second-half, the game was very flat and sloppy from both teams when both teams kept giving the ball to the opposition in a very sloppy manner.

After ten minutes of a dyer second-half, Neymar started to really show his pace and what he is capable of doing by chipping the ball to Hulk in a very confined space but only for Hulk to out it wide.

Mexico only had a couple of good moves from a couple of passes eventually going through onto the right-wing only for David Luiz to clear the ball for a corner, which was a constant action throughout the game.

Dos Santos still tried creating chances but couldn’t about get past all the Brazilian defenders on a couple of occasions but Brazil broke and managed to get a few corners or free-kicks from counter-attacks.

Apart from Dos Santos and at spells Barrera, Mexico’s whole team were very ineffective in defence, midfield and attack, and a lot of potential chances went to waste because Solcido either put in a very poor cross or took a wild shot that would never trouble Julio Cesar.

From the 80th minute, Berrera started to trouble Marcelo by simply dribbling past him on a few occasions, then crossed it but the crosses were never to the liking of Hernandez.

Brazil seemed happy with the

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1-0 victory after 90 minutes until Neymar should world-class abilities when dribbling past two Mexico players and lightly passing the ball to Jo for him to slot home easily.


Mexico Not Good Enough?

Mexico on a better day would have beaten a Brazil side who performed that poorly, but Mexico’s main man, Javier Hernandez, didn’t perform at all tonight maybe Luiz and Silva were too strong or the fact Silva could read the whereabouts of his runs and David Luiz managed to intercept the crosses constantly.

Brazil’s Defence Just About Did The Job

Brazil’s defence looked poor, but so did most of Mexico’s attackers, although Mexico put a lot of pressure on the Brazil defence, mainly the full-backs, which is no surprise with Dani Alves and Marcelo being very attacking full-backs, Mexico were going to undoubtedly try to exploit that. David Luiz and Silva dealt with Hernandez very well but couldn’t deal with Torres or Dos Santos when they beat their full-backs and another thing that they failed to deal with convincingly was clearing the ball with conviction, which is very typical of David Luiz but not Silva.


Tonight wasn’t full of a lot of heroes but, Neymar showed spectacular skill and class in dribbling and passing in not only an entertaining fashion but also in a necessary manner.

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The first goal showed he’s capable of scoring spectacular goals with his right and left foot and the second goal showed his wide range of skills and also his intelligence to know how and when to beat certain players.

Giovanni Dos Santos was Mexico’s only effective player throughout the whole game, in the first half causing Marcelo a ton of problems and causing problems with most of his set-pieces.

Man Of The Match : Neymar


Fred being barely a part of the game is one of the villains of the game, I can hardly remember him having the ball.

Salcido is another villain of the game quite simply because a lot of chances went to waste because of him and on many occasions in the first-half, Mexico got themselves into a lot of trouble because Solcido gave the ball away cheaply in his own half.


Possession :

Brazil 45% – 55% Mexico

Att. :

60 000

Shots (on goal) :

13 (5) – 9 (2)

Fouls :

24 – 16


Brazil :

12 Julio Cesar

02 Alves

03 Thiago Silva

04 David Luiz

06 Marcelo

17 Dias Gustavo

18 Paulinho

11 Oscar (Hernanes, 61′)

10 Neymar

09 Fred (Jo, 82′)

19 Hulk (Lucas Moura, 78′)

Bookings : Alves, Thiago Silva



12 Corona

02 Rodriguez

15 Moreno

21 Mier

20 Torres (Barrera, 70′)

18 Guardado

06 Torrado (Jiminez, 88′)

22 Flores (Herrera, 58′)

03 Salcido

10 Giovanni Dos Santos

14 Hernandez

Bookings : Rodriguez, Herrera, Guardado


Brazil 2-0 Mexico Match report by Seb True

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